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Dirty talk is talking your sex life to the next level

From ‘Do you like this’till ‘I like socking your cock’, there are no rules or prescriptions for dirty talk. Some of us can talk dirty naturally. Others are not the dirty talk kind of person, and may have no clue what to say. Or feel awkward while talking dirty. To help you on your way here are some phrases to use. No rules, no musts, just suggestions. Try them in front of a mirror to get familiar with them. You might surprise yourself when you have sex and the dirty and naughty sentences come out of your mouth like…well, you can fill this in dirty too o. And hey, do you have a real good dirty talk? Share it with us. And please bear in mind: this is just for fun!

‘Secret signs’ of being a swinger revealed

Swingers can be found in all groups of the population. From high to low, you encounter people of this kind everywhere. From construction worker to pilot, from top official to cleaning lady, we met them all. What we have noticed, is that there are a lot of entrepreneurs among the swingers. We did not carry out an in-depth investigation, but it was striking. real signs such as pineapples and the like in Europe are actually non-existent.

Definition Swingers / What does swingers mean?

Simple definition of swingers: A couple (male / female) who have a form of sexual interaction with another couple (male / female) with mutual consent of all four parties involved. This sexual interaction can take many different forms.